The Family Cabinet


Back in the day when every household in Islington had a family booze cabinet, chocked full of expensive and illicit liquids, brought back from exciting travels and expeditions; parents would keep their illusive libations under lock and key, away from sticky little fingers.

We at Little Bat, have decided to throw our booze cabinet doors wide open to our nearest and dearest and would like to introduce you to:




Become part of the family by adding your bottle to our collection. You, of course get to drink from your bottle for free, but If a guest asks for a nip from your bottle, well we’ll add it to your ledger and give it to you off your next bill.

Brilliant right.

“Save the best for last why don’t you…”

Try top shelf liquor from around the world at cost price. Join the family now and start enjoying straight away.

Pop in and ask for Csaba

Manhattan (1).jpg